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We perform year-round for festivals, concerts, community, weddings, funerals, educational, and other events.  Come watch, listen, and enjoy!

2 May 2024, Thursday

First Thursday

Basque Block
601 W Grove St, Boise, ID


As we usher in May flowers, Biotzetik will be singing on Boise’s Basque Block for Boise’s Downtown Association’s First Thursday. Come join us for music and song!

29 MAY – 10 JUN 2024

Biotzetik Basque Country Trip

The choir will be performing at different venues in the Bilbao, San Sebastian (also called Donostia), and French Basque areas. We will meet with many local choirs for a variety of separate and combined concerts and singalongs. It’s sure to be a musical, educational, cultural, and exceptional trip!

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If you have an event for which you’d like us to participate and perform, please send a request with your event information: date, time, purpose, and music style preference.

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