Enjoying Basque heritage through the tradition of Basque music


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Our Choir

Located in Boise, Idaho, USA, we are a group of volunteer singers who appreciate bringing good music and Basque culture together. We aim to educate, promote and perpetuate our music with everyone, worldwide.

We perform in formal and informal venues for a wide variety of audiences. We sing multi-voice a cappella pieces and folk songs with accompaniment – a mix of formal choral and folk songs as appropriate for each event.

Biotzetik wants to share our Basque musical heritage with you! In addition to our music, we can describe why Basques immigrated to the United States, how music is important to Basque culture, why our choir continues the tradition of singing, and what the lyrics mean. We love creating performances and programs to entertain you.

We are under the direction of Patty Gabica.

Our Music

Basque music and lyrics come about for the same reasons many songs do – to tell stories, remember historical events, share feelings, celebrate good times and reflect on issues important to the times. Some of these topics are arranged as formal choral a cappella pieces. Others are relaxed as folksongs often sung with accompaniment.  The selections we sing cover a broad variety of these topics and styles.

Many pieces reflect the values Basques have regarding their strong sense of pride, work ethic and purpose to ensure every generation celebrates and preserves their Basque cultural identity. We aim to preserve these songs.

Haurrak Ikasazue

Children are encouraged to keep the Basque culture alive by learning to speak the language, playing handball and dancing correctly.


A bird is singing on the tip of an apple tree limb. We hear his chirping and wonder who will dance to his tune.

Ixil Ixilik Dago

A lonely fisherman cries for his love in the middle of a quiet night. Why cry when he can remember her by looking at a heavenly star.

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